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Welcome to the last Sunday of March 2020! And it sure isn’t the Sunday I would have ever expected. Yes, times are kind of strange and a little scary right now. I hope you’re all finding ways to keep busy, stay sane, and most importantly stay healthy. I know many of you have been spending a lot of time in the kitchen, cooking, and baking. From what I’m hearing, everyone has been baking so much that all stores are currently out of yeast and flour. Yikes. Thankfully, my mom taught me from a very young age to keep a well-stocked pantry. Her number one rule in the kitchen is to have backups for your backups. Especially when it comes to your baking supplies.

Moms always know, right? So I’ve got plenty of flour…but my yeast is running low…savoring it. Update…mom said she found some online. I’ll be stocked Wednesday!

PS. if you’re looking for my list of pantry staples, check out this favorite’s post from two weeks ago. I listed out all of my essentials.

I’m excited to see that so many of you are filling your days by cooking and baking. That’s amazing and I’ve LOVED seeing all of your creations over on Instagram. If there’s one silver lining to all of this craziness, it’s that it has freed up some time for you all to try new recipes. Yeah! Trying to look at the bright side of things for a change.

Over here we’ve had days of ups and downs. But for the most part, I too have been staying busy in the kitchen. It’s been fun having little sister, Asher, down at the studio on and off while she’s home from school. She’s been helping with the baking…of course. So far this week we’ve made Teddy Bear snickerdoodles, pretzel bagels, and multiple batches of cinnamon sugar popovers. Oh, and her overall personal favorite?

Fudgy. Crinkle. Top. Brownies. These are one hundred times better than anything from the box…and any bakery for that matter. If you missed our Instagram story on this recipe, you can find it here.

Question: what have you guys been cooking and baking? What have been your favorite recipes during this quarantine period? Any requests?

Coming up this week, we have a packed line up of new and delicious recipes. I’m thinking of kicking the week off with a healthy pantry staple style recipe. Then moving on to a bread recipe (that doesn’t require yeast…though you will need flour, so go find some!). I’ll then be moving on to a recipe that kids and adults will love. Thursday is a wild card…still trying to figure that day out. And for Friday, I’m finally sharing that Easter cake I’ve been teasing you all about for the last couple weeks. And then for Saturday… I’m thinking about a bonus baking recipe or a bonus drink. What do you all prefer?

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I hope you enjoy this week’s Nine Favorite Things. Let me know if you have any requests for next week’s post. I love sharing these lengthy Sunday posts with you all. Have a wonderful, relaxed Sunday…and have fun baking!

1. Things I’m loving, wanting, and excited to try…

loving…this post by Julia and Thomas over at Gal Meets Glam. It highlights ways to be lending a helping hand during these hard times. Please read!

loving…Curcumin. I’ve been taking these supplements for a little over a week and honestly, they’ve cured the inflammation in my legs.

obsessed…with this Hand Cream and this Body Butter from Tatcha. Both have been saving my overly dry skin.

excited to try…this Brow Butter and Mascara 101 from Saie. I have heard such amazing things about this clean beauty brand. Has anyone tried it?

wanting…this leather jacket from Anine Bing. It’s currently on sale and so pretty. Should I pull the trigger? It’s quite an investment.

excited to watch…Little Fires on Hulu. My mom read the book and really enjoyed it. AND, it takes place in Shaker Heights, Ohio on the east side of Cleveland. I grew up on the west side (until I was 14 and moved to Colorado), but know Shaker Heights well. My cousin also recommended this show. I can’t wait to watch. Anyone binging this right now?

loving…shopping with Reformation. I also love that they’ve partnered with the City of LA to make masks out of their LA factory for essential workers who desperately need them during this time. Loving this cozy sweatshirt to wear around the house. My favorite cashmere sweater (on sale). And this midi-length dress is surely the perfect dress for spring.

obsessed…with this candle. It’s a little on the pricy end, but worth it.

2. The most popular recipes of March.

One Skillet Saucy Chicken Tortilla Enchilada Rice Bake |

Most popular: One Skillet Saucy Chicken Tortilla Enchilada Rice Bake

The title really says it all for this one, and I’m thrilled so many of you have been loving it! It’s a family favorite too. This a cross between tortilla soup and extra saucy chicken enchiladas, but with cheesy nachos on top. Think crunchy on top, but saucy and cheesy inside, then finished off with all my favorite toppings. It’s quick and made entirely in ONE skillet.

Oven Baked Tuscan Fries |

Runner-up: Oven Baked Tuscan Fries

These are beyond addicting. Inspired by the flavors of Tuscany, and honestly? Just delicious. Think perfectly crisp, but soft inside, baked with garlic, rosemary, and sage…and finished with a little sprinkle of parmesan and plenty of flaky sea salt.

Cinnamon Sugar Brown Butter Popovers |

Also have to mention: Cinnamon Sugar Brown Butter Popovers.

These cute little popovers basically tied with the fries, but personally, they’re my favorite. Think cinnamon sugar toast, but swap in popovers and browned butter. They’re easy, light, airy, hinted with vanilla, and stuffed with cream cheese (if you’d like). They’re then dipped in warm browned butter and rolled (generously) through sweet cinnamon sugar (bringing back all the best childhood eats). SO GOOD, perfect for baking inside all weekend long.

Sweet and Salty Teddy Bear Snickerdoodles |

My favorite: Sweet and Salty Teddy Bear Snickerdoodles ?

Because these are delicious…and they make me smile big every time I look at them.

PS. And this One Skillet Cheesy Cuban Chicken Rice Bake, which I just posted, is looking as though it may just end up being the most popular for the month…even with just a few days left. So glad you guys are loving it!!

3. Easter basket ideas…

4. Favorite questions of the week.

q: How much time do you spend developing recipes versus shooting?
a: It takes me a while to do both…a lot longer than you might guess. Sometimes recipes are super easy and I can jot down the ingredients in a matter of minutes. Then I move on to cooking and testing. Other times it takes hours of thinking, then testing. Some recipes take a day, others take days, and some take months, it just depends.

To shoot a recipe, it’s certainly a process. Most of the time it takes anywhere from one to three hours. Sometimes I struggle and it takes longer. A lot of times I reshoot the recipe simply because I just don’t love the photo…basically I’m insane ??‍♀️

q: Do you make your bed every day?
a: Nope. But now I wish I did! I’ve heard it’s a great way to kick start your day! Do you guys make your bed every day?

q: How can I make my flowers last longer?
a: Trim them daily. Pull away the outer leaves/greens towards the bottom of the stems so that only the stems are in the water. I also don’t arrange too many flowers in one vase. I’ve noticed when I separate the flowers out between a couple of vases, they last longer. But that’s just what I do.

q: How do you keep your discipline?
a: It’s just my personality. My mom says I’ve been this way my entire life. It’s certainly both a blessing and sometimes a curse.

q: Do you order your flowers online or do you get them locally?
a: Both! I order edible flowers from Gourmet Sweet Botanicals. But of course, I also buy locally. I buy my chamomile, ranunculus, and peonies from my local Whole Foods or Kroger grocery store.

5. Newest videos.

Roasted Garlic Butter Chicken with Lemon Olive Dressing…my go-to “back pocket” dinner.

Herbed Garlic Butter Naan…tip? You can omit the yeast if you’re all out, the recipe will still turn out great.

6 Ingredient Vegan Chocolate Chia Mousse…healthy, easy, and of course, perfect for snacking.

6. Inspiring me on Pinterest.

(via All Sorts Of)

(source Liz Marie)

(via Camille Styles)

(source All Sorts Of)

(via Jean Stoffer)

7. A few links I’m loving…

hero items worth buying from Nordstrom’s spring sale…so many good finds/deals.

20 recipes to try when you are stress baking…if you need ideas.

survival tips (from you!) on making it work…with kids at home all day.

how to use scrap wood to build a greenhouse…totally something my dad would do.

an easy, delicious pasta recipe from Carlo Mirarchi…executive chef of Roberta’s.

the new first responders…talking to the grocery-store workers you see every day.

for eating disorder sufferers, self-isolation comes with added struggles…an important read.

10 tips for keeping produce fresh…until your next trip to the grocery store.

a charming Spanish home…with an ultra-modern underground corridor.

25 home projects to tackle this weekend…no excuses…what else are you doing?

a cleverly hidden kitchen sink detail…love this marble sink feature.

7 ways to stay connected while social distancing…love these easy ideas.

step inside Dita Von Teese one of a kind LA home…truly unique and very colorful.

how Miranda Kerr winds down before bed…love a good nighttime routine.

support restaurants by buying these delicious food products…all added to my “carts”.

20 “happy classic” movies…to help you escape.

face mapping…what do your breakouts really mean?

how to stay married during a pandemic…if you need some tips.

how Emily Ratajkowski does her makeup for a zoom meeting…if you love a beauty tutorial.

learn these 18 basic knife skills…for your own safety.

the simplest health tip for drinking apple cider vinegar…totally trying this.

NYC cocktails you can mix up at home…is it happy hour yet?

freezer friendly dinner recipes…dumplings, please.

the Kelly Wearstler masterclass…tips for online shopping + redecorating while working from home.

the best cleansers for every type of skin…if you’re upping your beauty routine right now.

how to freeze just about everything…if you’re curious.

bookmark these online classes for kids when stir crazy times set in…if you need ideas.

beauty ideas for homemade facials…love these easy at home facial ideas.

8. Nordstrom Spring Sale Picks…

9. This week’s dinners…

One Skillet Cheesy Cuban Chicken Rice Bake |

Monday: One Skillet Cheesy Cuban Chicken Rice Bake

Slow Cooker Braised Hawaiian Pineapple Chicken Tacos |

Tuesday: Slow Cooker Braised Hawaiian Pineapple Chicken Tacos

Greek Spinach and Feta Pie (Spanakopita) | #greek #easter #spring #spinach

Wednesday: Greek Spinach and Feta Pie (Spanakopita)

Sesame Falafel with Ginger Tahini and Jalapeño Sauce | #greek #healthy #recipes

Thursday: Sesame Falafel with Ginger Tahini and Jalapeño Sauce

Unstuffed Spicy Tomato Basil Shells with Whipped Ricotta |

Friday: Unstuffed Spicy Tomato Basil Shells with Whipped Ricotta

Spicy Strawberry Paloma |

Saturday Sip: Spicy Strawberry Paloma ?(recipe in HBH Super Simple)

Easy Homemade Pretzel Bagels |

Sunday Baking: Homemade Pretzel Bagels

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