Chipotle Pumpkin Pizza and Broccoli Pizza with Bacon and Gouda Cheese-15

{This girl!}

These tomato feta and honey toast. Simply stunning, simply delicious. Love these!

These vegetarian polenta lasagna stacks. Amazing and gorgeous. I love stacked food!

This burrata and heirloom tomato caprese salad. Can summer produce please never go away? I could live off of this salad.

This roasted corn caesar salad with parmesan greek yogurt caesar dressing. Never will I ever again be afraid of a caesar salad if it looks like this. Kind of obsessed.

This epic stout cake with chocolate bourbon sour cream frosting. Epic does not even begin to describe my feelings toward this cake. I want it all.

These monster cupcakes. Kristan is a genius. These cupcakes are so darn cute. I’m in love with them!

These peanut butter bonbons the size of texas. Yes, please!

These apple cheddar + bacon snack cups. Best snack ever.

These pumpkin cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting. Come September 22 I will SO be making batches and batches of these!

These vegan buttermilk glazed donuts. This girl knows how to make a damn good donut. She’s kind of a pro! (seriously go and pre-order her baked doughnut cookbook here. Do it!)

These M&M cupcakes. Shelly created a genius for a son (obviously it runs in the genes). I mean that frosting? Wow.

This S’mores pudding. Seriously? Awesome.

These inside-out S’more brownies. Hey, gotta go all out for the end of summer!

These berry breakfast pops. Popsicles for breakfast? Yum.. yes!

This caprese mac and cheese. The name says it all. Amazing!

These breakfast tacos. My all time favorite!

This tomato zucchini tart. Just so pretty!

This a day in the life of a food blogger post. It’s awesome. Just go read it!