Thanks for joining me for another Nine Favorite Things post.

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Hey, hi and happy Sunday! Hope you all are enjoying a great summer weekend…and maybe even making this peach Dutch baby?

Oh yes, please tell me that’s what you doing! Or better yet, tell me you are going peach picking and eating fresh peaches right off the vine and then returning home to make a Dutch baby. That sounds amazing…

Can someone please transport me to Georgia? Please, pleaseeee? I need to pick fresh peaches!

Ok, ok, in all seriousness though, I really do hope you’re doing something fun this weekend, and cooking up something summery and delicious. I spent this last week cooking so many summer recipes, both old and new. I also started working on a very exciting project that I cannot wait to share more about soon…ish. And the last couple days I filmed over twenty new recipe videos, and finalized our furniture for the living area of the studio.

Yup. I sure love a good productive week. Totally one of those people who thrives on going to bed at night knowing the day or week was super productive. Anyone else love this feeling?

Anyway, here’s what’s coming up on HBH this week. Kicking the week off with a new Asian inspired recipe that takes just minutes to make, moving onto to something filled with summer tomatoes, sharing a new savory peach recipe, and a fun sandwich on Thursday. And for Friday? Honestly? I have no idea yet what Friday’s post will be, but I can bet you it’s going to be something sweet. Or maybe I’ll throw you guys a wild card and we’ll do something totally new and different…

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Enjoy this week’s favorites. See you tomorrow!

1. Inspiring me this week. 

Orly Shani of the DIY Designer and Home and Family on Hallmark. I met Orly on Home and Family and have been so in awe of her ever since. She’s one of the most creative, cool, funny, down to earth, and incredibly kind people I have met. She’s a mom of two, a wife, a “family member” on Home and Family, and creator of the DIY Designer. If any of you love crafting, love making your own clothes, or just love following people who are inspiring, positive, and doing really cool things, you should probably follow Orly on Instagram, and check out her YouTube Channel too. She’s got some serious skills and can show you the best DIY projects from fashion, to home, to holiday crafts.

My newest favorite project of her? These DIY bell bottoms. I mean? Are these not the cutest pair of jeans ever? And SO EASY too.

Other favorites include her before + after home renovation and these DIY YSL ankle booties. All SO GOOD.

Again, I am just so impressed by her creativity, her realness, her ability to turn basically anything into something amazing, her energy, and most importantly, her kindness. Follow her.

2. My Little Brother is up for an ESPY this week! 

Oh my gosh. YOU GUYS. I do not know how I haven’t mentioned this yet on HBH, but Red is nominated for an ESPY Award! Yes, an Espy! He’s up for Best Male Olympian and I’d be ever so grateful if you gave him a vote…or two or three!

You can vote here (scroll down towards the bottom).

red Gerard

3. Favorites From the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…



4. Instagram’s New Ask Me Anything Feature. 

Do you guys love this feature or what? Had so much fun with it this week and I’m thinking about making it a weekly thing on my Instagram. Would you guys be into that?

Here are some of my favorite questions:

Q: Go-to main dish when entertaining?

A: In the summer, this skillet burst cherry tomato pasta with lemony bread crumbs. In the winter, cider roasted chicken, or if feeding a big crowd I like to make lasagna, usually one white lasagna filled with vegetables and one classic lasagna for meat lovers.

Q: What are your favorite ingredients to cook with?

Fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Kind of boring, but you’d be surprised how much and can do with really good produce. Also…pasta and cheese. Obviously.

Q: What’s your favorite season to cook in? And what dish do you like to cook?

A: Autumn! It’s my favorite time of year. I love making fall pizza, pumpkin soup, and baking with apples.

Q: How did you get started creating such beautiful simple food?

A: I started cooking dinner for my family around 13 or 14. I just did it to help my parents out at first, but over time I really grew to love cooking for others. I started Half Baked Harvest fresh out of hight school. I was 18 going on 19 and I have been working on it ever since. I have always loved making things pretty, my bedroom, my clothes, the dinner table, etc. I just loved to create things that visually appealed to me, so I think that is why I love styling food!

Q: Do you feel pressure to post so often because you are young? Your work ethic is incredible!

A: Honestly, no! I post so often because I LOVE sharing with you guys. I started cooking…and later my blog, because I love being able to share the recipes I love daily with others. Getting to see so many of you make and enjoy my recipes is what motivates me to share new recipes with you daily!

5. New Videos:

Cauliflower al Pastor Tacos (scroll down to the recipe for the video or watch it on Instagram)

Sweet Corn Chimichurri Butter Shrimp with Polenta (scroll down to the recipe for the video or watch it on Instagram)

6. Magic Brownies on The Chriselle Factor. 

I shared another favorite recipe with the Factor Fam, and guys? These brownies are honestly magic…and not in the way you may be thinking. They are indulgent, BUT they are HEALTHY too. No I’m being serious, healthy brownies that are actually delicious.

Find out all my secrets and grab the recipe here.

7. A few Links I am Loving…

eat and drink your way through Rome…OK, let’s!

6 healthy make ahead summer lunches…ready for a picnic in the park.

the 10 best hotel pools in the world…100% going to Morocco, where will you go?

Tory Burch’s Hampton’s home…love.

where to save and where to splurge on home design…everyone should read this.

20 foods for mental health…bring on the colorful fruits and vegetables.

Rick Owens minimalist Venice home…simply perfect.

dream summer dinner menu…very into.

8. Favorite Styles…

9. This Week’s Dinners:

Thai Grilled Corn and Peach Quinoa Salad | @hbharvest

Monday: Thai Grilled Corn, Peach, and Quinoa Salad

Garlic Butter Creamed Corn Chicken | #chicken #corn #summer #easy #dinner

Tuesday: Garlic Butter Cream Corn Chicken

Wednesday: Salmon Souvlaki Bowls

Thursday: 15 Minute Bangkok Peanut Mango Pasta

Greek Orzo Stuffed Red Peppers with Lemony Basil Tomatoes | #healthy #summerrecipes #easy #dinner #greek

Friday: Greek Orzo Stuffed Peppers with Lemony Basil Tomatoes