And some chickens too…

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Soo, I have been meaning to tell you guys, but um, we got baby chicks.

BABY CHICKS. Well, they are getting so much bigger now, but a few weeks ago they were teency, tiny and so cute. Now? Well they squawk a lot and to be honest they are really not the smartest animals.

We got the chicks because I really wanted a good source of eggs for cooking. I still plan to use a mix of store-bought eggs for baking since we only have three chicks, but I cannot wait to fry a fresh egg. I mean, it’s gonna be so good.

They are still living inside, but my dad and younger brother just built their coop outside so they will be moving soonish. Having them inside is a little smelly, but lucky for me they are living downstairs with the boys. Once the barn is all done though, they will be my neighbors. Thinking I may not need my alarm anymore…

We are thinking they will start to lay their first eggs sometime in the middle of August. When that happens, there will be lots and lots of photos, but until then, here are their “we are two days old” photos.

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Here is a chick today, at 5 weeks olds.

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Hoping I do not do this to the fresh eggs.


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Moving on… A few “must make”s from around the web:

Watermelon and Peach fresh Fruit Cake// Gimme please!

Mocktails// So my kind of drinks!

Spicy Quick Pickled Radishes// I need to try picking veggies already!

Rhubarb and Strawberry Quinoa Crumble// So pretty!

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I am headed to Florida with my grandma in exactly seventeen days and I could not be more excited! I realize this photo is probably somewhere in Hawaii, but it shows palm trees and tropical weather and I just can’t wait!!

Many of this month’s recipes reflect my excitement for all things tropical.

tumblr_mwvfgyDsAJ1s79rl8o1_500                                                                                                                                                                 {Image via}

My brothers – Boys being boys, making big bonfires in the backyard.

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Trying to get a good photo.

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Roasting S’mores on a late spring night.

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This scene and these flowers are just gorgeous. Check them out.

Making pretty things with fresh summer raspberries.

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And playing with pretty pink roses.

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I loved, loved, loved reading this post and this post about the 5th annual Saveur food blog awards held in Vegas. It looks and sounds like an incredible trip, an incredible experience, and everything in between. Very cool!

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And lots, and lots, and LOTS of coconuts. I cannot get enough tropical food. It’s so good


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Alright, the next set of photos is well, interesting and little blurry.

We finally broke ground on the barn, or in my words we finally started working on the barn!! The waiting is over, and things are finally kicking into gear. I am so excited, only I need to kick my butt into gear, get my head out of photos and recipes and melted ice cream, and start thinking about paint colors, kitchen tables, marble or granite and so much more. I have so many ideas, but I need to actually organize them so they can all flow together. Someone please allow me to pause time so I can catch up, relax and basically get it all done. That would be awesome.

Please and thank you.

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So this is not even half of my family.

We have from left to right Dad, Mom, Me, Kai, Blake (not actually related but for some reason he is always here… always) and little Red who somehow managed to actually look good and be in focus. My mom gave my camera to our architect and told him to start taking pictures. I was like “whoa, what did you just do?” I mean, I was freaked. That camera is my sidekick. Anyway, I didn’t have the settings set properly for him and the photos came out blurry, but to be honest, that’s just us.

Not normal, totally awkward and pretty hillbillyish. It’s just us.

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Missing from the photo is Creighton, Trevor, Brendan (who was up at the house, but could not move because he had just come home from surgery on both knees) and Asher.

Not sure where the heck Asher was.

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Oh but, here’s Asher!

This is her “it’s the first day of summer” face!!

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So let’s make cookie dough…

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And eat it all, because it is summer and there are no rules when it is summer!!

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I like the way she thinks.