Meet the Activists Bringing Urban Farms to Cleveland.

Photo via The Guardian

Hey guys! Instead of not posting this week, we’ve decided to take this time to educate ourselves, read, listen, and share ways the black community is thriving. I want to use this platform to share valuable and unique information.

“People of colour are constantly under attack, and not just by guns and the police, by all sorts of structural violence like corruption, food deserts, educational and health inequalities” – Amanda King, founder of Shooting Without Bullets.

As someone who writes daily on food, I want to highlight a Cleveland based organization that I found to be really incredible, Rid-All Green Partnership.

“Food is the longest relationship you will ever have, and we’re trying to help people make it a good one.”

This is a quote from Keymah Durden III, one of the founders of the Rid-All Green Partnership. I wanted to highlight an amazing organization lead by incredible black voices from a town I grew up in and have family in. They strive to change eating habits in a city where health inequalities disproportionately affect African American communities.

Rid-All’s ethos is community building through education and experience. They transformed a desolate illegal dumping ground into a lush, eight-acre agricultural innovation site with greenhouses, fishponds, and a composting facility – creating a community of pride and economic opportunities along the way.

How you can learn more.

Please take a few minutes to do a little deep dive and learn about why farming and healthy eating habits are essential to not only black-dominated communities but to all of us together.

You can learn more about the activists bringing urban farms to Cleveland by watching this video below. I personally found this video to be so inspiring. By the end, I just kept saying, “wow, this is amazing”.

You can also go to Rid-All’s website, This is a collection of great information not only their organization, but on backyard farming, eating healthy, podcasts, and so much more.

And lastly, this informative article highlighting their organization on The Guardian

A Few Other POC Owned Cleveland Restaurants.

Since we’re talking all things Cleveland today, I thought I would also highlight a few other black Cleveland based business owners. If any of my Cleveland readers have others you feel should be noted, please let us know in the comments!

Open Pitt Barbeque

Said to be the best BBQ spot around. Ask for extra sauce on everything…yes, please. All about the sauce…always.

Beckham’s B&M

Recommended by my brother, Creighton. Beckham’s B&M has been in the Beckham family since 1958. Beckham’s son Greg and his wife Sonya now own the restaurant today, which has expanded into four locations and a food truck.

Sauce The City

Home of the Original Cleveland Hot Chicken.

Black Box Fix

Said to have the most creative sandwiches in Cleveland. This Legacy Village spot is owned by Chef Eric Rogers. Rogers also owns the bakery The Sweet Fix and the health-conscious restaurant The Fresh Fix.

The Vegan Doughnut Company

Ohio’s first and only 100% Vegan Doughnut Shop. This place looks so delicious!

You can find more black-owned Cleveland restaurants here.

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And with that…

I’ll be back to regular posting soon, but I’m looking at this time as an opportunity to share something impactful and important with you guys. It’s fun, it’s different, and I love learning!

Question: I’d love to hear from you. Are there any organizations run by people of color that I should be learning about and highlighting this week? I always value your feedback and suggestions and would love to hear from you guys!