You guys.

BLT Quark Pancakes with Chipotle Bourbon Dressing | @hbharvest

Oh my gosh, your response’s to Friday’s post were beyond amazing, I am just in awe, THANK YOU! You basically made my year and you all totally put tears in my mom’s eyes. She just could not stop texting me about all the comments (she was one proud momma)! Like wow, I just cannot even begin to thank you enough for your kindness, flattering words and for reading daily. I am SO excited to be sharing this experience with you all, you guys are truly the best!

And the best part, there are still more exciting news/posts to come. YEAH! I can already tell, it’s going to a be a busy, but GREAT September, October, November + December. My very favorite months of the year!

Today I am sharing a KILLER way to use up all those late summer tomatoes…BLT quark pancakes. Yes, they are made with fresh quark cheese. If you are unfamiliar with quark, it’ s a lot like ricotta, but salty like feta. Totally delish and PERFECT in these pancakes.

For the full recipe, head over to the Wisconsin Cheese Talk blog.

Ok, and here is what I am loving from around the web this week!

BLT Quark Pancakes with Chipotle Bourbon Dressing | @hbharvest

>>>these pork belly tacos sound amazing. got to make.

>>>making these poached eggs and skillet toast for breakfast today.

>>>wanting this fig, yogurt and almond cake with extra figs. i mean, extra figs? yes.

>>>which learning style is best for you? I am so very much a visual learner.

>>>the newest pumpkin spice lattes? real pumpkin? gimme.

>>>totally needed to read this: 5 ways to stop dwelling on negative thoughts.

>>>this kiwi caipirinha. i mean, this guy, he just does not stop pouring the KILLER drinks.

>>>guys. cheesy mozzarella french toast with honey. simply the best.

>>>loving these broiled saffron dates. totally my kind of sweet snack.

>>>i want to eat in style like this.

>>>this croque madame is calling to me. no really, it is.

>>>in case you missed it, i made homemade fruit roll-ups this week. you have to check them out.

>>>snacking on this vegan sriracha caramel bacon popcorn. seriously.

>>>how pretty is this modern mai tai with hibiscus + thyme. love the flavors.

>>>needing to make this fresh corn and gruyere souffle. so much yum.

>>>this oregano cake with yogurt and summer fruit is just too pretty.

>>>this squash blossom omelette is going to be dinner soon.

>>> these easy chocolate cupcakes. perfection.

>>>i want to sip these peach basil bellinis.

>>>feasting on this pretty charred kale and farro salad.

BLT Quark Pancakes with Chipotle Bourbon Dressing | @hbharvest

And now, now we must eat BLT pancakes….for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!